Stephan Sardone, co-founder and owner of Sardone | McLain Construction, has been in the construction industry for almost two decades. In 2010, he formed Sardone Construction, a design-build firm located in Dallas, Texas, which grew into Sardone | McClain Construction in 2022. For Stephan, remodeling is storytelling. It is capturing the stories of a family, understanding what they value most and creating a transformation in their home that will impact them for years to come. Stephan is driven to hold high standards of quality, care and respect in how he conducts business, selects team members and trade partners.

When you meet Stephan, you will immediately know he loves to learn about everything: new ways to build something, features and amenities in bathrooms, how to run a more earth conscious business and where to get the best taco in East and South Dallas. His love for learning is born from Stephan’s desire to bring the best to his homeowners and for each person, the best looks different–a fact he loves.