Remodeling Done Right

Whether it’s kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or any other home remodeling project in between, expect Remodeling Done Right from the members of NARI North Texas.

The members of NARI North Texas understand what you want from a local remodeling contractor:

  • From the very first appointment, you expect your contractor to show up, on time, professionally attired, respecting your space and communicating clearly with utmost courtesy. You expect that behavior to continue throughout the project.
  • You want a detailed written estimate, including full disclosure on costs and timelines. And, if anything changes, you want a full written explanation why and what it will take to finish the work in a timely, professional manner.
  • You expect quality materials and workmanship to carry your project through to completion, without having to ask for it; it should be the norm.
  • All associated permits, licensing and registration should be taken care of as part of the project, not as an afterthought or left for you to consider.
  • All proper insurance should be in place, with the work performed safely, according to best practices.
  • At the end of each day, your work site should be left clean, uncluttered, with all debris removed or set aside to minimize the disruption.
  • And, when the project is finished, you expect your contractor to stand by his or her work, ready and willing to answer any questions, acknowledge and address any complaints, and ensure your complete satisfaction.